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Long Hill Philosophy 

Objectives and Commitments

The administration, faculty, and staff of Long Hill Elementary School believe that it is our responsibility to treat each child as we would like our own to be treated and at the same time establish an educational program that will include teaching to all learning styles while focusing on the needs of the total child.

We believe that the individual needs of the students can best be met in a caring, safe environment where the student-centered atmosphere fosters individual success, academic achievement, responsibility, and self-esteem.  With the involvement of parents and our community as part of our team, we believe each child can develop mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, and culturally with an awareness of individual differences and a respect for others.

To implement our mission, it is our responsibility to promote self-improvement and professional growth so that we will provide our students with the best instruction possible.  We are committed to using the newest research-based teaching techniques to ensure student academic growth while at the same time having the insight to be risk takers.

It is our commitment to integrate 21st Century concepts, global awareness activities, and interactive technology into our instruction on a daily basis. Futhermore, we believe that all children deserve a highly rigorous instructional program of balanced curricular materials.

We are committed to guiding children in the development of knowledge, skills, and attitude while maximizing their potential to prepare each student to participate fully in our society.


Vision Statement

The vision of Long Hill Elementary School is to provide students with a family-like environment in which to learn and grow, providing our children with an educational experience that will prepare them to be competent, competitive, and prepared for success in 21st Century college and career environments.


Mission Statement

The staff at Long hill Elementary School is committed to creating a safe, motivating, and caring learning environment for students. We believe it is our responsibility to treat each child as we would like our own to be treated.  Our learning community is designed to foster life long personal growth, academic achievement, responsibility and self-reflection.  The involvement of parents and community as part of our team will ensure positive learning experiences for our students as life-long learners.  We accept his responsibility to prepare and motivate our students to be contributing members of our society.



I pledge to do my best to learn all I can, whatever it takes.



“Learning for all…whatever it takes!”



“Excellence in all that we do!”


Core Values

The core values that drive the direction of our school are as follows:

All Students Can Learn

High Expectations

Positive Emotional Climate

Data-Driven Decision Making for Continuous Improvement

Total Team Focus

Parent/Community Involvement

Parent/Student/Teacher Accountability

Customer-Focused Community of Learners


Vision Statement for

Cumberland County Schools

Every student will have equitable access to engaging learning that prepares them to be competitive, collaborative, and successful in our global world.


Mission Statement for

Cumberland County Schools

Cumberland County Schools will provide a safe, positive, and rigorous learning environment to prepare lifelong learners to reach their maximum potential.

Published by Deanna Hardin on February 10, 2020